" When you get money or fame, only people who are aimed at it approach you. "
Kei Nishikori's father " Kiyoshi Nishikori" sighed.

People who are aimed at it?⇒ Actual conditions of Kei Nishikori's girlfriend "Ako Mizuki ; real name Mai Yamauchi" and her GURU of cult-religion "Aki Mizuki".

In this summer, many media  competed with one another in trying to report about Kei's girlfriend "Ako Mizuki" and her relationship with the guru of cult-religion / fortune-teller / self-styled psychic "Aki Mizuki" .

One of them ; the famous magazine "SHUKAN SHINCHO" released the featured article of interview with Kei's father "Kiyoshi Nishikori".


★ "I want to never imagine such a thing" (about the marriage of Kei and his gf). 

Kei's dad "Kiyoshi" replied to a reporter

・" Her reputation and rumors I've ever heard are only bad one."
・" Not only Michael Chang,
 but also all people around Kei
 including IMG management company, are really worried about him having a relationship with such a girlfriend."
・" I think her rumours.....rumours are not rumours.
If you investigate them, you will realize those are not rumours but truth.
It's bad. She is a bad girl, I think."
・" When you have gotten money and honor, only people who aim at them come close to you."

In the interview by "SHUKAN SHINCHO", Kei's father spoke his mind about Kei's girlfriend "Ako Mizuki" for the first time.

He expressed posture of the complete refusal on her.
It is impossible to accept her for him.

★The fortune-teller/guru of cult-religion/self-styled psychic "Aki Mizuki" states her case

Several reporters of magazine visited the guru of cult who Ako devotes herself to.

※About details of Ako's relationship with the guru, and ridiculous remarks of the guru, Aki Mizuki, please read a previous article.👇

Kei Nishikori is in imminent danger!! Kei's gf is going to drag him into a cult-religion?
The guru of cult says "The weather changes if I pray."
"I can speak with God." "I can fly."
"The exorcising sprits makes your luck turn for the better."

・" People say about me ; she is a guru of new-religion or cult-religion, but it is not so at all."
・" Though various things are written in the internet, it is all lie."
・" I do not want it to take the form of the religious community."
・" Ako is all kindness to everybody,  and she is good at cooking."
・" Only people thinking that Ako is a hindrance spread her bad rumours, I think."
・" I think that since when Mr. Nishikori started to have relationship with Ako, his playing tennis has been getting better."

Those guru's words sound like lame excuses.
It seems to be full of evasions.

I surely think that "People thinking that Ako is a hindrance" namely means "people thinking that Ako does not give good influence to Kei".
As for people knowing her around Kei, there are only people who think so.

If she was really all kindness to everybody, at least one person may say that Ako's reputation is good, but there is nobody such a person although the staff of the TV program looked for it here and there desperately.

★Nobody says that Ako is reputable woman

Though it was not a broadcast on a national network but a local one, a short program of the special feature of Ako Mizuki was televised.

(not translated into English)

After having quoted Ako's bad behavior and bad reputation from some magazines, they announced that they had investigated whether those were truth.

The results of that.....

・" I have never met a person who says that she is a good person. And then I have never heard her good reputation."
・" She is not good at doing housework."
・" Though Kei's ex-girlfriend was very reputable woman who acquired dietetics..."
・Because we staffs couldn't hear her good reputation as stated above, we  investigated many places and so many people on the phone with our utmost effort.
But.....The results that her good reputation was zero,  totally turned us off.

It resulted in what we imagined.


★If you investigate her bad rumours, you will realize those are not mere rumours.
About details of Ako Mizuki's bad reputation, her past evildoing, and the reason why she is not accepted by Nishikori's family, please read following articles👇




" People say about me ; she is a guru of new-religion or cult-religion, but it is not so at all."

Although the guru says as stated above, is that really so?

★In the building which the fortune-teller's workspace  raising the signboard of "the counselor's office" is open in Tokyo, the art galleries selling good luck goods and the religious paintings  exists together.

Of course the managers are the guru "Aki Mizuki" and her family.

"The price of artworks is decided based on rarity value as handiwork,  and the mental added value of the customer."
(An extract from her art gallery's web page)

The price varies with each customer.

For example, if the fortune-teller says "You will definitely develop cancer one of these days. But, this painting saves your life", someone might believe it......

The reason why not to display price cards may easily be guessed.

※ However, when one of reporters visited the art gallery in this summer, it was reported that a price card (about 200, 000 yen) was displayed in front of each religious painting

It seems that they displayed the price card in a hurry so as not to look like a fraudulent way of business.
But I think that it is still high price as such a religious painting.

※ 1 dollar = approx. 110 yen
200,000 yen = approx. 1,800 dollars

★The experience of Fortune-telling by Aki Mizuki
"You are possessed by a raccoon dog's spirit."

(In the Japanese fable, a raccoon dog is a cunning animal which deceives people, transforms itself into a person and a thing.)

A woman who was recommended the fortune-teller "Aki Mizuki" from her friend  talked about her experience of having received a fortune-telling at the counselor's office in Tokyo

" My friend that her hometown is the same as Aki Mizuki's one, recommended her to me. 
{ I know the fortune-teller who has a reputation of being accurate . } she said so.
So I visited the counselor's office of Aki Mizuki in  Tokyo for fortune-telling.

Mrs. Mizuki mistook my occupation for the different one of the homonym and gave an irrelevant advice to me.

Then the fortune-teller, self-styled psychic, said to me, " You are possessed by a raccoon dog."

She said that the raccoon dog which possessed me had a strong evil power, so she couldn't exorcise it's evil spirit at that place in Tokyo.

Because the raccoon dog's evil spirit can be exorcised only in the lodging facilities which she manages,  she told me to come to *Kawana during **Golden-Week."

* (The guru / fortune-teller, Aki Mizuki, manages lodging facilities for believers called " Oyado-Uehara" which is located in Kawana Ito-city Shizuoka approximately 130km away from Tokyo.
Although ordinary travelers can use it, guru often holds religious seminars, spiritual sessions, or ritual sessions of exorcism in there.)

**( We Japanese have about one week consecutive holiday period from the end of April to the beginning of May.
It's called Golden-Week in Japan.)

" By the way, my friend that her hometown "Kawana" is the same as Aki Mizuki's one was also possessed by a raccoon dog.
But her raccoon dog was not as evil as mine, so Mrs. Mizuki easily exorcised it in Tokyo, my friend said.
Of course I did not go to Kawana. (Lol)

Step1 : People whose hometown is the same as the guru's one recommend the guru / fortune-teller to their friends.
Step2 : Then guru makes them scared by saying that raccoon dogs possess them.
Step3 : After all, the guru leads them to Kawana.

It seems to be the way of gathering believers, doesn't it?

★Blog of a man who is the guru Aki Mizuki's believer and developer of Aki's fortune-telling software

In the blog of Aki's believer who is a developer of her fortune-telling software, there are many descriptions of the guru Aki Mizuki.

( Because he is an ordinary worker, I do not announce URL of his blog, but that surely exists. )

In that blog, .....

・The leader, Aki Mizuki, called a living spirit of North Korean General Kim Jong Il and talked with him at spiritism session.
( in August 2008)
・The leader, Aki Mizuki, asked safety of Megumi who is one of abductees being still in North Korea to the General.
A spiritualistic medium person possessed by the General Kim replied " Don't worry."
・The leader says that a huge serious global crisis will come in 2012.
・The leader, Aki Mizuki, is  in process to look for and educate potential members of the Messiah for the upcoming crisis in 2012.
・The leader says that finding and educating the Messiah for saving people around the world is her fate.

It seems that she makes her believers divinize herself by holding cult-religious seminar or spiritism session.

And what was the huge serious global crisis in 2012???

" The leader, Aki Mizuki is great! The huge serious global crisis is coming! Messiah for the upcoming crisis in 2012,..... a spiritual-sign.....etc... "

The article that is such the occult was often written in his blog until September, 2012, but it cannot be seen after that.

Because "The huge serious global crisis in 2012" did not come, he maybe have doubts about the guru, Aki Mizuki.

But it seems that she still has been increasing her believers by using fortune-telling, in addition, she might make up another "huge serious global crisis".

#The weather changes if I pray #I can speak with God #I can fly #The exorcising sprits makes your luck turn for the better #fortune-teller #self-styled psychic #living-sprit #raccoon dog's evil sprit #possession #Messiah #spiritism session
#artgallery #religious-painting #without price cards #good luck items ・・・

After having read the above, do you think that Aki Mizuki's answers are true?

Judging from Aki Mizuki's remarks and behavior or the relationship between her and her believers, it can't be helped that people say "Aki Mizuki is the guru of cult-religion".

Then the most serious problem is that Kei Nishikori's girlfriend, Ako Mizuki, made him meet the guru of cult-religion Aki Mizuki.

" Yes, I have met Mr. Nishikori.
But I can't talk about the details." 
The fortune-teller/psychic/guru of cult-religion, Aki Mizuki, replied to a reporter.

★Kei's gf, Ako Mizuki, real name Mai Yamauchi, took interview of japanese magazine

(not translated into English)
Ako replied to the reporter

・" I am not proposed to by him."
・" I want to get married with him, but entrust it to him."
・" I don't devote myself to Mrs. Aki Mizuki, but respect her."
・" My stage name, Ako Mizuki, has nothing to do with Mrs. Aki Mizuki. I named it by myself."
(However, the guru talked to another reporter "There was a proposal from Ako. She wanted to use "Ako Mizuki" as stage name".)
Weekly magazine, SHUKAN SHINCHO, tried to interview with Kei Nishikori.
The reporter asked him, "Do you intend to get married with Ako Mizuki?"

It was reported that Nishikori said nothing,  only released a big sigh.

I wonder whether Kei knows about actual state of Ako Mizuki & Aki Mizuki.
I wonder whether Kei realizes his father & coach's feelings for him.

Michael Chang believes that Kei can make himself stand rank higher than number 4 in the world.

However, unfortunately  there's no chance of that in this season.


Nishikori announces he will miss the rest of the season because of rist injury

On August 13, he injured the right wrist during practice.

When you are depressed, cult-religions approach you in sweet words.

"You don't need to make more of an effort."

It is a typical phrase of cult members for dragging you into the cult-religion.

Be careful, Kei
Don't meet with cult-members.
And get well soon.