One day in August 2017, Kei Nishikori's father "Kiyoshi Nishikori" talked about Kei's girlfriend "Ako Mizuki" to the reporter of famous weekly magazine "SHINCHO".

Kiyoshi …"Not only Michael Chang, but also all people around Kei including IMG management company, are really worried about him having a relationship with such a girlfriend.

This situation is true.

Because I've never heard good news about her.

I think her rumours.....rumours are not rumours.

If you investigate them, you will realize those are not rumours.

It's bad.

She is a bad girl, I think."

Is this story included in those rumors that are not just rumors as he says?

To be exact, this story is not a rumor, but an appeal of victims due to Ako's evil doing.

●●●●●●●●●●●●Real or Fake?●●●●●●●●●●●● How do you think of this revealing talk? Judge it in person, please.

Last month, a terror-stricken woman posted information about Ako Mizuki in this blog.
The woman called herself as Ako's former co-worker, and said that she was very scared of Ako and also hated her.

The woman (a fictitious name ; Miss-X) was reticent about the details for fear of being identified as her.
But it was enough to send a chill down my spine.

It was a terrible story about a base action that was given to Miss-X's friend ( a fictitious name ; Mr. Y ) from Ako Mizuki, age 18 or 19, approximately six years ago.

★ "Mr. Y was in his early twenties, and had mental weakness.
Ako deluded and drove him crazy by pretending to support him. She was just leading him on.

On one occasion, Ako noticed that his parents were rich.
After that, she let him trust her deeply by pretending to listen to his worries, and solicited him for believing in her religion like a cult.

Ako let him be addicted to her, and cheated him into paying money many times.
She completely dominated and controlled him.

After all, he was emotionally devastated, he became mental and physical wrecks.

Now she is gathering attention as Nishikori's girlfriend, she is in high spirits.
So, I think she is forgetting her past evildoing.
Or she may not perceive that it is evildoing, from the beginning.

I want many people to know her past evildoing because she is gathering attention in Japan now."

"Ako Mizuki is nothing more than unpleasant memories for both me and him.

Ako left him as good as dead.

He was a good-hearted person… , he started working as responsible adult just before he met Ako.

Now he has neither the work nor the spirit at all, like a dead man.

Because opportunities to meet him decreased, I do not know whether he is interested in her.
Possibly he has no interest in people or happenings in general."

Ako was an unknown model for amateur photographers in her latter teenage years.
I supposed that Miss-X was a co-worker concerned at that time.

I do not know what kind of social relation they ( Mr. Y and Ako ) had at all.

But according to her talk ; he was in his early twenties, it's certain that he was a youth with a bright future.

★ "I apologize that I do not have a concrete talk but make only vague talk.

I suppose that Mr. Y's affair is a tiny part of many relations with men for Ako.
She may not even remember him.

However if inconvenient information for her is disclosed, I suppose that she will rack her brain frantically to trace her memory for sigling out me or Mr. Y.

I'm scared of the big enigmatic organization she belongs to."

It's a shocking story for us commoners.
But Miss-X's talk means Ako can't single him out immediately, because Ako has many affairs like it.

★ "She used to talk to her friends as her favorite phrase "I'm gonna get married with a celebrity someday, and become rich!"
Now obviously her target is Mr. Nishikori, I think.
I'm sure she won't release him."

"I posted information about Ako Mizuki in this blog because I hope that her true character, her identity and her past evildoing will be revealed, even just a little.
Anyone has disgusting memory that you want to erase, right?

However, I was surprised when she suddenly gathered attention in Japan.
Then resentment and fear welled up in my mind.
I want people to know her evildoing; but I'm so scared… I have conflicted feeling."

I suppose that because Miss-X saw Ako's evildoing with her own eyes, she has so strong sense of impending crisis about Nishikori's present situation.

★ "I don't know much about that......
{If you want to become famous and get money, why don't you join in the club which is donor organization that consists of reliable elite members?}

Ako often allured surrounding girls as above.
She called its club "Daddy-Long-Legs Club".

It is only that I know about "Daddy-Long-Legs Club".

I can't talk fully about a religious trick that Ako had brought Mr. Y to destruction.
Because I'm afraid that she is gonna single us out."

Because Miss-X was awfully afraid of being identified by Ako, she talked very carefully.

However, Miss-X clarified the name of the club that seems like an organization acting as an intermediary between girls and "sugar-daddies", in this blog.
It means that she judged that Ako cannot identify the speaker of this revealing talk.

In other words it will be that she allured girls frequently so much.

I suppose that if Miss-X talks the details of religious solicitation technique Ako used, a speaker of revealing talk will be identified immediately, because Ako changes pattern of the trick according to character of man of the target.

Miss-X received the advice from several visitors, and tried to prove that this revealing talk was fact, by a direct email to this blog manager.

However, she apologized to us for not having been able to send an email out of an excessive sense of fear.

It may be the cause that one of the visitors suggested the possibility that an email is hacked. Ifelt it was excessive worry, and a little strange.

Can this revealing-talk be Real?, or Fake?

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