October 2015, in Rakuten Japan Open Tennis at Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo , a state of Nishikori's girlfriend "Ako Mizuki (real name ; Mai Yamauchi)" watching his match was witnessed everyday.

One day at Rakuten Japan Open Tennis in 2015

Ako took an elderly couple and young man, and watched Kei's match together with them.

The young man seemed like her brother.

Above all, the remarkable point is an elderly woman.

The name of that elderly woman who acted intimately with "Ako Mizuki" is "Aki Mizuki".

She is a so-called new religion's guru with several titles, such as fortune-teller , psychic, jewelry distributor.

{Aki Mizuki relieves many people by "God's-spiritual-ability" and "Number's-numen-divination" at the consultation office which she established in Suginami/Tokyo.}

The above is described in her web page.

The Mizukis devote themselves to the new religion like cult.

As you see "Ako Mizuki" is stage-name given from this guru (psychic ).

She believes in this guru blindly so as to entrust naming of "stage-name" which greatly controls the image of "japanese entertainer".

Furthermore, Ako Mizuki( real nameMai Yamauchi), her mother (living in Toyama) and this guru "Aki Mizuki" are so intimate that they spend New Year's holiday at the psychic's house.

At the event of the new religion From right to left , Ako Mizuki (real name Mai Yamauchi) and her mother

A screenshot from web log of Ako's mother

And the name of this guru appears in affiliated companies list in the web page of an undertaker's office which Ako Mizuki's real father ( living in Toyama) manages.

A screenshot from the web page of the undertaker's office which Ako Mizuki's real father manages

There is the page called "the photo exhibition" in the web page of Guru "Aki Mizuki".

She collected supernatural phenomenon photographs photospheres reflected, and calls its photosphere "Tamayura".

Then, Ako Mizuki posted "a supernatural phenomenon photograph" that "Tamayura"  reflected , in her web log too.

She said "Tamayura is the harbinger of the good opportunity!", and was very thankful for it.

It's easy to perceive that Ako Mizuki's family devote themselves to the new religion fanatically, and have an intimate relationship with guru.

The Guru "Aki Mizuki" makes unbelievable remarks in her web page.

Let's see her strange and unbelievable remarks.

★She said that there were differences between victims and survivors in 3.11 The Great East Japan Earthquake.

"Disasters are caused by when people fight and kill each other.

Thank for the benefit that science brings.

Respect the gods and Buddha who exist from the ancient times.

Ask in heaven above. What are differences between helped people and dead people?"

Will it be said that there was the reason why people attacked by the buildings, or swallowed by the tsunami , then must die?

Was their death some kind of punishment?

★In a lecture to call itself "the invisible world".

"After the dispelling unclean spirits of groups, I cast out a RACCOON DOG from a man who was POSSESSED by it."

★In a study session of the Buddhism.

"I let two women become temporary mediums "reibai".

(The term "reibai" refers to a person that divine spirits are drawn or summoned to.)

I did a spirit rapping, and the Goddess Benten had come. ( She came from India and in India, she was the Goddess of Amity. Her name was " SARASVATI")

I received divine messages. These are "Study ritual of Gods. Be careful of water. Don't waste it."

After that, I led participants to underground of the Earth for meeting with the God of there.

Then, I led them to the sky as usual.

There were some people who could do it "frying way" this time."

★In spirit rapping.

"A big fat man of the participants was possessed by a big fat RACCOON DOG and 50 little RACCOON DOGS.

I cast them out of him.

At that time, his wife in a previous life appeared and said that she hated his ugly figure."

★In rainy day.

"The participants of a ritual of purification worried that a ritual was canceled due to rain.

However, the weather changes if I pray.

God of the sky hears our wish if we pray.

I prayed and the rain stopped.

When a ritual of purification was over, it rained again."

★In a shrine.

"I was a medium in a previous life at Inugami Shrine. My husband and daughter in previous life were in the participants of this day.

At another shrine, GOD of DRAGON appeared, and told me to come again."

These are the books which the guru (psychic ) published

How do you think of the above remarks of her?

"Bunshun" reported about this guru (psychic).

"Bunshun" is japanese famous magazine which has a good reputation about the high reliable scoop articles.

When the reporter of Bunshun visited this psychic, she acted as this visit was foreseen by her.

"Please come in. I knew it. "

The reporter asked her about Ako's ex-boyfriend who is famous Japanese idol.

The "psychic" said that she had advised Ako to break up with him.

"I said to Ako, Stop associating with him. Because his previous life is a woman and he is stingy.

But, you know that Kei Nishikori is not (stingy) ."

She compared the income of two men unabashedly, and mentioned a timing of Ako and Kei's marriage brazenly.

"So I advised her that she should strive and support him for his becoming the top."

As if she is manipulating Kei's girlfriend, she talked about marriage timing.

"Not the timing to be married yet in 2016,  she'll be able to get married with him in 2017."

A scheme of Ako Mizuki

A model who is an acquaintance of Ako Mizuki told that Ako strongly wanted to get married with Kei Nishikori, and planned a scheme to make Kei meet to the guru in 2016.

(It is unknown whether they visited this guru.

Guru "Aki Mizuki" regarding money as important, scheming to plan Ako's marriage in 2017.

Ako Mizuki which wants to make Kei Nishikori meet such guru.

Ako Mizuki which wants to make Kei Nishikori meet such guru.

What is "two Mizuki" scheming to plan ultimately?

Can you see shady circle of people gathering around this guru "Aki Mizuki" as the central leading figure?

Kei's fans and his parties concerned who love him and tennis are really worried about Kei who is going to be dragged into the shady circle by a tentacle of Ako.

It seems that Kei's single foot is already dragged into the circle like bottomless swamp.

We as his fans just hope that he escapes from it as soon as possible.

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